Don't wait until you know who you are to get started. Part 2 of our series in examining the book by Austin Kleon, Steal Like an Artist.

Our guest shares her expertise as a fundraising advisor and sheds some light on how to make fundraising an exciting and interactive process to be embraced rather than feared.

The first in a series which delves into Austin Kleon’s "Steal Like an Artist" book, which details thoughts and strategies for engaging in life to accrue inspiration and artistic influences.

Today's guest has developed an organization and performance model that truly harnesses her personal experience, discipline, and creative voice to meet a vital public need.

Bringing a skilled and expressive instrument to the stage is a transformative experience for performer and audience alike, and ultimately creates work that transcends the everyday to profound effect.

HowlRound representatives and dramaturgs join us to discuss their personal approaches to the creative process as well as the HowlRound philosophy of sharing, learning, and growing.

Whether it’s a 24-hour theatre festival, a last minute invitation to an open showing, or a self-appointed deadline, the short creative process offers challenges and opportunities to test your creative mettle and experiment with your craft.

Scintillating, thrilling, daring, tantalizing; while burlesque’s specific dramatic flair embodies these qualities on stage, all theatrical forms can likewise learn to benefit from these visceral attributes.

Mindset is a crucial component to staying positive, productive, and sane as an artist.

Today's guest shares her story of drive, travel, movement, research, and training with enlightening thoughts on the creative environment and process.

SH 017: Tips to Become the Perfect Ensemble Member | Round Table

March 30, 2016

Let's dissect what makes a dream ensemble member, the one everyone wants to work with and gets the most out of any creative opportunity.

Life is movement, and our drive as artists is to translate this journey into a shared experience on stage: to move our audiences. Today’s guest is an expert at doing so, using movement, dance, and a multi-disciplinary process to create vivid, evocative performances.

Today we discuss a few ways to think about and integrate sound and music into the creative process and product.

Through the exhilarating and sometimes chaotic whirlwind of creation, it’s essential to maintain mindfulness about personal process and an audience’s experience.

Today’s roundtable discussion delves into how to best utilize an outside eye in a way that services and empowers your process.

Our guest today shares his reflections on fostering the ability to “listen” and identify, otherwise unseen, opportunities for tremendous impact in life and for an audience.

In a culture obsessed with the phenomenon of the apparent overnight success and newbies making it big on the silver screen, many artists are left questioning whether they were “born for the stage” or not. The truth is far more liberating and simple.

For many self-starting artists, the dream of touring their own production is enticing, but daunting. Here to dispel those fears is the experienced and energetic Grant Knutson of Minion Productions.

An undeniable component of the live experience is the simple fact that malfunctions happen. Join us as we discuss skill set, trust, personal standards, and techniques to deal with technical glitches during a live performance.

Our guest today shares with us that we must be honest with ourselves in understanding the kind of work we wish to create, the lives we wish to lead, the people we best work with, and the boundaries we need to set.

The digital era of streamed-content-direct-to-your-screen makes the power of the live performative experience all the more essential. 

SH 006: Lean, Mean, and Persistently Curious | The Coldharts

February 22, 2016

As creators, the insight we must have about the work we produce must likewise be mirrored in our own self-awareness.

Today, we’d like to shift the focus and shine the spotlight on an essential but less discussed part of any performance: the audience.

Today we discuss how trust, expectations, and a mutual understanding of the shared experience amount to a more immense emotional payoff from your audience.

Great improv artists and entrepreneurs have a lot in common; both must have incredible persistence to hone their skills, see opportunities in any situation, and be willing to take risks.

Our first round table session is here to help you take your work out of the conceptual and give it life with some advice on starting the creative process.

Join us as we talk with our guest about bravery, risk taking, and listening to your inner, artistic voice.