SH 014: Balance and Mindfulness in Process and Performance | Rachel Nelson

Through the exhilarating and sometimes chaotic whirlwind of creation, it’s essential to maintain mindfulness about personal process and an audience’s experience.

As theatrical storyteller Rachel Nelson puts it, the balance of focus and flexibility serves to bolster, ground, and fuel creative growth and development.

In speaking with her, it’s clear Rachel exemplifies this philosophy in every aspect of her process: through solo research, in working with an outside eye, and in the live performance -- all in the pursuit of touching hearts and changing lives.

Rachel Nelson is a storyteller, songwriter, and musician whose passion is live performance.

She likes to push the edges out to keep roots music a growing tradition. 

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Balancing focus and flexibility
  • Identifying seemingly inert periods as part of a creative process
  • Making creative connections with a new theatrical concept
  • Owning personal strategies for creation
  • Creating a framework to get started with
  • Finding an outside eye
  • Creating assignments for fleshing out a piece
  • Adapting for different stage/venue types
  • Processing feedback to develop a stronger show
  • Exploring inspiration through other artforms to conquer creative block
  • Incremental personal growth leading to creative breakthroughs
  • Staying receptive and sensitive to the audience’s experience

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