SH 020: Burlesque and the Building Blocks of Solo Performance | Jäc Pau

Scintillating, thrilling, daring, tantalizing; while burlesque’s specific dramatic flair embodies these qualities on stage, all theatrical forms can likewise learn to benefit from these visceral attributes.

Emerging theatre and burlesque artist Jacob Paul Miller, also known as Jäc Pau, joins us today to discuss his creative process and research, revealing much about how the conventions of burlesque--costuming, imagery, audience rapport--can be applied to enhance any theatrical experience.

Jacob lives in Minneapolis, MN, where he trains and performs in burlesque, clown, physical comedy, and most recently has been working as an assistant director and stage manager for numerous companies in the Twin Cities.

He is co-founder of The Neutral Mask Collective, a theatrical research laboratory with a monthly performance called Awkward Love.

Recent original productions include Babes in Wonderland and I’ll Be Trying to Be There, as well as burlesque performance in Carnevale Revolver.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Developing self-motivation
  • Creating around a specific theatrical device
  • Evaluating audience response to refine work
  • Shifting focus for a fresh perspective when confronting creative block
  • Defining burlesque
  • Crafting looks and costumes for the stage
  • Researching and advancing proficiencies

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