SH 008: Carving Your Own Path as an Artist | Deanna Fleysher

Honesty is paramount to us as creators.

We seek to create honesty on stage, to evoke an honest reaction, and engage in honest dialogue on stage.

As the bold and forthright Deanna Fleysher shares with us, we must also be honest with ourselves in understanding the kind of work we wish to create, the lives we wish to lead, the people we best work with, and the boundaries we need to set.

Deanna is a comedy artist, teacher, and director devoted to audience inclusion.

Currently, she tours her award-winning solo show BUTT KAPINSKI and teaches Naked Comedy labs internationally. 

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Perspectives on working outside of the commercial paradigm of acting
  • Misconceptions about working outside of your craft
  • Developing an array of skill sets to sustain your career
  • Pairing workshops with touring performances
  • Workshopping new work in small segments
  • The value of video recording rehearsals
  • Balancing flexibility and boundaries
  • Choosing the right people to work with
  • Thoughts on theatre phraseology and labels

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