SH 024: Creating Work That Matters | Marina Tsaplina of The Betes Organization

An essential component of an independent artist’s career is identifying the intersection of passion, purpose, and public need.

Having drive and clear goals to pursue in the creation of work fosters a lasting impact on creator and audience alike.

Today’s guest has developed an organization and performance model that truly harnesses her personal experience, discipline, and creative voice to meet a vital public need.

Marina Tsaplina is a versatile, kinesthetic performer and founder of The Betes Organization.

She blurs performance lines, integrating highly expressive physical precision, mime, clown, puppetry, object theater, silence, text, music and improvisation to create pieces of wonder, mystery, beauty, and breath.

The Betes’ work is focused exclusively on the illness experience -- developing methods and creating opportunities for people to consider their chronic ailments in the context of their self-identity through theatrical engagements, discussions, and group exercises.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Developing business savvy as a creator
  • Asking profound questions to guide your personal trajectory
  • Tapping into a network for guidance and support
  • Collecting creative source material through interviews and outreach
  • Crafting difficult subject matter to be digestible while honoring both beauty and pain
  • Therapy vs. therapeutic work
  • The dialogue of creative intention and audience interpretation
  • Identifying the intersection of personal passion and public need
  • Taking ownership of your personal and artistic value
  • Creating revenue models based on content, goals, and audience

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