SH 021: Embracing the Challenges of a Condensed Process | Round Table

Whether it’s a 24-hour theatre festival, a last minute invitation to an open showing, or a self-appointed deadline, the short creative process offers challenges and opportunities to test your creative mettle and experiment with your craft.

Today’s round table dives into strategies to make the most of a short or condensed process.

Understanding how to frame your mindset, choices, and environment can make the process a fulfilling experience yielding exciting work and enormous personal growth.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Applying the skill set of free writing to any aspect of creation
  • Creating an environment that fosters generation and risk taking
  • Trusting skill sets to conquer self-doubt
  • Honoring initial propositions
  • Applying your skill sets to other mediums
  • Embracing the challenges inherent in a short process
  • Taking advantage of what’s at your disposal
  • Staying receptive to collaborators while working efficiently
  • Approaching festivals and the short process as an opportunity to hone your skills

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