SH 013: Having Success with Your Outside Eye | Round Table

The creative process can be a vulnerable time for us as artists.

With work still in development it can be hard to receive feedback without it feeling incredibly personal, yet feedback can be a profound tool for refining a piece.

Today’s roundtable discussion delves into how to best utilize an outside eye in a way that services and empowers your process.

Knowing how to seek feedback and structure it in a way that speaks to process rather than personal taste can make receiving it exciting rather than terrifying.

Moreover, developing an analytical eye and the craft of giving clear feedback makes for a stronger creator and can even open financial opportunities for the creative entrepreneur -- both are inspiring prospects to us as Stage Hackers!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Ways to define an outside eye
  • Essential characteristics of a strong outside eye
  • Ways a director can interface with an outside eye
  • Methods for communicating goals and guidelines
  • When to bring in an outside eye
  • Refining your ideas based on feedback
  • Differentiating between a director and an outside eye
  • Working with another trained performer vs. a layperson
  • Serving as a strong outside eye
  • Recording yourself for objective self-analysis
  • Building collaborative relationships
  • Marketing a honed skill set
  • Incorporating the feedback process into ensemble wor

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