SH 010: How to Become a Successful Touring Artist | Grant Knutson

For many self-starting artists, the dream of touring their own production is enticing, but daunting.

Here to dispel those fears is the experienced and energetic Grant Knutson of Minion Productions.

Grant and his company are devoted to helping artists fulfill their dreams of successfully touring to festivals across North America and internationally.

They provide valuable support with their extensive knowledge, network and marketing skills.

Join our conversation with Grant as he shares with us his insights on the nature of “social introverts” and the unique demands and opportunities of fringe festival tours.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • The possibilities of touring fringe festivals
  • Marketing strategies in unfamiliar locales
  • Time management for producing
  • Networking effectively with artists and audiences
  • Tapping into passion about your work to keep outreach authentic
  • Developing polished, quality work for new audiences
  • Understanding the social dynamic of fringe festivals
  • How to start educating yourself about touring

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