SH 015: Integrating Sound and Music | Round Table

The aural sense is a powerful component of the theatrical experience.

Sound and music can help create an immersive environment to deepen the visceral impact of a performance.

Today we discuss a few ways to think about and integrate sound and music into the creative process and product.

Whether you’re choreographing a song and dance routine, creating an atmospheric soundscape, orchestrating a live soundtrack of breath and guttural expression, or setting poignant sound cues, developing the awareness of how choices affect the audience can help enrich any production.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Using music to reinforce or juxtapose moments on stage
  • Facilitating choreographical or character driven scenes
  • The fine line between evocative and didactic
  • The effect of popular or recognizable music
  • Practical uses of sound/music
  • Defining sound and music
  • Experimentation and transposition during the creative process
  • Ways to describe the kind of audio you want for richer research and discussion with a composer
  • Resources for finding audio to work with
  • The power of silence

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