SH 003: Jump off the Cliff and Build a Plane in the Air | Galen Emanuele

Great improv artists and entrepreneurs have a lot in common; both must have incredible persistence to hone their skills, see opportunities in any situation, and be willing to take risks.

Today, we’re joined by creative entrepreneur and improv artist Galen Emanuele, located in Portland, OR.

Galen, president of Shift Yes, has worked with hundreds of teams and organizations from all over the world, inspiring a powerful shift in how people interact and communicate in business.

He has been performing and teaching all levels of improv for over 10 years across North America, including performing and touring with improv legend Ryan Stiles from "Whose Line is it Anyway?"

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • The mindset of being a self-starter
  • The shared skill set of improv theatre and entrepreneurship
  • Recognizing plateaus and working through them
  • Balancing growth, self-analysis, and positivity
  • The value of perseverance
  • Taking advantage of resources around you
  • Cultivating a thirst for learning
  • Finding mentors

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