SH 006: Lean, Mean, and Persistently Curious | The Coldharts

As creators, the insight we must have about the work we produce must likewise be mirrored in our own self-awareness.

Today’s interviewed artists understand this connection intrinsically, and reveal much about the power of embracing and owning how personal strengths, passions, and processes are reflected in successful creation.

The Coldharts are Katie Hartman and Nick Ryan, two theatre artists based in Brooklyn, New York.

They tour all over North America and Canada, creating American Gothic-inspired, ensemble-devised, music-theatre.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Cultivating persistence and a sense of curiosity
  • Using text as a seed of inspiration
  • Creating material from imagery inspired by research
  • Experimenting with written text and music
  • Understanding roles in creation based on strengths and passion
  • Acknowledging patterns in your own process, rituals, blocks, and breakthroughs
  • Navigating a relationship as both artistic and life partners
  • Creating on a minimalist scale for touring and longevity
  • Using projects as personal challenges for growth and learning
  • Embracing the elegance in simplicity
  • Learning from audiences to continue to develop and refine

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