SH 019: Mindset for the Long Haul | Round Table

Mindset is a crucial component to staying positive, productive, and sane as an artist.

An individual’s frame of mind can make or break a creative process or even career.

Today’s round table digs into previous guests’ pearls of wisdom as well as some of our own thoughts on developing an effective mindset for a successful and fulfilling artistic career.

By developing a mindfulness of perspective and work ethic, you can be a more powerful creator and storyteller.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Fostering self-confidence and owning the validity of your creative voice
  • Pursuing inspiration proactively
  • Thinking outside of conventional theatrical forms
  • Developing a creative support network
  • Committing to an end product
  • Creating goals to be accountable to
  • Mentally preparing for the ups and downs of the creative process
  • Focusing on your unique perspective rather than finding an “original” idea
  • Working collaboratively rather than competitively
  • Knowing what kind of artist you are

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