SH 004: Set Contracts with Your Audience to Build Trust | Round Table

The delicate but powerful relationship that a performance builds with its audience relies on trust.

Trust allows us to take the audience on a journey, and the stronger trust, the greater the risk an audience is willing to take--often for immense emotional payoff.

"Setting a Contract" is terminology that is used in the Margolis Method. Trust, expectations, and a mutual understanding of the shared experience amount to what we call the contract we set with an audience.

Today, we’ll discuss what makes a strong contract and the importance of intentional versus unintentional choices in creating a performance.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Various theatrical elements that comprise a contract
  • Why setting a clear contract is important
  • How the lack of a clear contract affects the audience
  • Creating a safe environment for the audience
  • When and how the contract is first set
  • Understanding how you want to affect the audience
  • Identifying missed opportunities
  • Defining different kinds of contracts within a piece

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