SH 012: Taking the Leap in Life and on Stage | Jared Fladeland

Being an artist means taking risks both on and off stage.

Whether we relish or dread the idea, ultimately taking a leap teaches us valuable and profound lessons.

Jared Fladeland, founder and director of Conduit Theatre, shares his reflections on fostering the ability to “listen” and identify otherwise unseen opportunities for tremendous impact in life and for an audience.

Conduit Theatre is a company based in Grand Forks, North Dakota, that strives to create, curate, and collaborate to produce spiritual and resonant theatrical productions.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • The virtue of tenacity
  • Finding space for inspiration when dealing with creative block
  • Using imagery as a starting point for creative research
  • Knowing when and where to leave creative space within a performance
  • Developing a “spine” as a structure from which to improvise
  • Staying present with the audience to be aware of creative opportunities
  • Adaptable technical design
  • Learning from performances to continue a show’s evolution
  • The value of training and mentors
  • The importance of taking leaps and learning from failure
  • Setting clear priorities in creative multitasking
  • Becoming a student of business as an independent artist
  • Keeping a clear and motivated perspective on accomplishments despite hardship or monotony

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