SH 018: The Importance of Self-Awareness and Ongoing Training | Denise Rinehart

It’s the artist’s journey to continually discover, interpret, and share the stories and inspirations that are all around us, waiting to be found. Today’s guest calls them “provocations.”

Whether it’s the story told in your own body’s posture or gait, or an event transpiring in your current locale, provocations are abundant if you take the time to identify them.

Denise shares her story of drive, travel, movement, research, and training with enlightening thoughts on the creative environment and process.

Denise is a Lecoq-based devising theatre artist and pedagogue.

Theatre has led her throughout the world including USA, England, France, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines and Poland.

Denise is the founder and artistic director of Theatre Amoeba.  

Presently, she is based in Italy, giving pedagogical workshops to movement theatre students in Italy and Sweden.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Developing awareness of one’s body/instrument
  • Finding inspiration in the environment/places and events
  • Starting small with images to research
  • Addressing creative block with an outside eye
  • Creating an environment that supports learning from failure
  • Starting with tools you own, while continually training to acquire more skill sets

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