SH 007: The Power of the Live Experience | Round Table

The digital era of streamed-content-direct-to-your-screen makes the power of the live performative experience all the more essential. 

While stories designed for screen have tremendous potential for storytelling and emotional impact, live performance connects performer and audience in a primal, vital way that television and film cannot. 

Join us as we discuss the immediacy, risk, and humanity unique to live performance.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Building a sense of community through live performance
  • Participating in the dialogue of energy between performer and audience
  • The unique impact of the live experience vs. a cinematic iteration of similar material
  • Audience as voyeur vs. participant
  • The danger of theater emulating screen
  • Identifying the skill sets that are unique to creating for live performance
  • Honing the directorial eye to sculpt audience’s focus
  • Risk as a visceral element of the live experience
  • Creating with the audience in mind
  • Live performance’s vitality in its immediacy
  • The power of the immersive experience
  • Celebrating the humanity of the live event

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