SH 009: The Show Must Go On (Unless it Shouldn't) | Round Table

Technical elements are able to deeply enrich the live experience.

Whether it’s light, video, sound, or some sophisticated set piece or machinery, these elements can take a production to the next level and help transport the audience to another world.

However, theatrical tech can be the creator’s best friend or cruelest enemy.

An undeniable component of the live experience is the simple fact that malfunctions happen; lights can flicker, microphones can stop working, audio can fail.

When Murphy’s Law kicks in, it’s up to the creator to assess how best to deal with a given situation in the moment.

Join us as we discuss skill set, trust, personal standards, and techniques to deal with technical glitches during a live performance. 

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Our perspective on the technical issue during Adele's performance at the Grammys.
  • Working with technical elements as early in the creative process as possible
  • Using technical expertise to deal with problems during a performance
  • The importance of knowing the story of a production to best compensate for glitches
  • The responsibility of technician and performer
  • Trusting the ensemble
  • Thinking ahead on the “chessboard” to problem solve
  • Understanding when you as an artist would stop or cancel the show (if at all)
  • Prioritizing technical elements while problem solving
  • Working as a team on stage and off
  • Creating an emergency plan
  • Budgeting for technical back-up elements when possible
  • Simple techniques as a performer to deal with technical malfunctions
  • Cultivating the attitude of being a creative problem solver

Links, Books, & Resources:

Adele's Performance of "All I Ask" at the 2016 Grammys

Adele's Post-show Interview on Ellen

Queen - The Show Must Go On

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