SH 017: Tips to Become the Perfect Ensemble Member | Round Table

Whether you’re in a conventional cast or a collaborative ensemble, there is a specific skill set to working creatively with a group of people.

Understanding how to contribute in a positive and clear way creates an environment that fosters honesty, inspiration, and the freedom to take risks.

Join today’s round table discussion as we dissect what makes a dream ensemble member--someone everyone wants to work with and who gets the most out of any creative opportunity.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Embodying generosity as an artist
  • Understanding the potential within propositions
  • Acknowledging whether you function best as a solo or ensemble artist
  • Approaching a process with compassion
  • Strategies for dealing with a challenging ensemble member
  • Maintaining professionalism in the studio
  • Preparing for each rehearsal
  • Identifying your role in supporting a given story
  • How and when to say “no”

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