SH 001: Trust Your Instincts | Pam Kuntz

Today we talk with seasoned dance theatre creator Pam Kuntz, the Artistic Director of Kuntz and Company in Bellingham, WA.

Her years of community driven creation and collaboration have given her remarkable insight into starting the creative process.

Join us as we talk with Pam about bravery, risk taking, and listening to your inner, artistic voice.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Defining bravery as an artist
  • The simple steps of how Pam starts the artistic process
  • Creating with a non-performer as part of the process
  • Expressing ideas with an ensemble
  • How to recognize a breakthrough moment in research
  • Simple tactics to deal with creative blocks
  • Deciding whether to massage or throw out an idea that isn’t working
  • Redefining and learning from failure
  • Trusting your own artistic voice as you work with and hear from others

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