SH 023: Uncovering the Performative State | Round Table

In seeking to captivate, performers must uncover what it is to inhabit the performance space as different from the everyday.

Authenticity, vulnerability, charisma--words often used but rarely decoded into skills the performer can develop.

Today at the round table we work, along with our shared vocabulary of Margolis Method, to define the performative state and discuss inroads for the performer to find it.

As a pivotal creative influence for all three of us, Margolis Method redefined our understanding of the actor/performer’s craft and what it calls the “creative state” as something practicable, not left to fate.

Bringing a skilled and expressive instrument to the stage is a transformative experience for performer and audience alike, and ultimately creates work that transcends the everyday to profound effect.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Theatrical effort and resistance
  • The dialogue of self and space in inhabiting performativity
  • Physicalizing imagination
  • Expanding possibilities for how to think about the stage space
  • Physical awareness as only part of the picture
  • Historical and cultural perspectives on the performative state
  • Misconceptions about realism and naturalism
  • Uncovering new choices through the performative state
  • Developing creative connectivity in the performer’s instrument

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